Ostia Lucille Smith (1885-1951) is the Great Great Aunt of Nick Deeter, Chairman of the Board & CEO of WishBone Medical, Inc. Along with Bertha Zimmer, Ostia Smith was one of the first two female sales representatives in orthopaedics for Revra DePuy. Ironically, Ostia’s first sale was a pediatric bone splint for the ankle to Dr. Leffers in Florida. Over one hundred years later, WishBone Medical is providing advanced technological solutions in the pediatric market.

“Thanks Aunt Osti … Sorry it took so long.”

In 2006, Nick Deeter started his first pediatric orthopedics company because he felt the standards for treatment in children were unacceptable, and the use of adult medical devices on their bodies could not continue. They desperately needed implants designed for their smaller anatomy and unique needs.

In a few short years, the pediatric orthopedics space evolved, awareness grew, and children were finally starting to get appropriate treatment.

This was only the beginning.

Deeter knew there were bigger frontiers yet to be settled — that there were entirely new and effective approaches to better aid the 95% of children still receiving unfit implants.
WishBone Medical was the answer.

Founded in 2017, WishBone Medical burst onto the scene with a tenacious will to push industry standards and help children around the world. How?  By equipping surgeons with innovative, anatomically appropriate implants and instruments in sterile packed, single-use, disposable kits. With smart selection and fortunate timing, the company made two major acquisitions in 2018, dramatically accelerating product development and launch activities.

Today, Our ultimate goal at WishBone is to make innovative pediatric orthopedic products accessible to surgeons that help children all over the world.
Learn how you can join these efforts by visiting the WishBone Orthopaedic Foundation online at www.wbof.org.