WishBone Medical is a Warsaw, IN, based pediatric orthopedic company focused globally on the unmet needs of children suffering from orthopedic issues. Our mission is to provide anatomically appropriate solutions in single-use, sterile packed procedure kits to surgeons and their patients who are still growing…
Because kids are not just little adults.®

Sterile packed kits designed to optimize the OR.

Everything You Need

Avoid cancellations and delays attributed to missing items, compromised sterility, etc. All necessary components are delivered in a single procedure kit, ready to go!

Reduced Infection Risk

Multi-barrier sterile packaging helps to ensure components are ALWAYS sterile.

Brand New Every Time

Instruments come sharp and pristine, right out of the box, new for every procedure.

Ready for Immediate Use

No loaners. No uncertainties. Kits are readily available, 100% your own to store and use when needed.

*Data on file comparing single-use vs. reusable systems.

Designed for

Maximum Efficiency.


Eliminate Set Processing

Simplify Your Setup

Decrease OR Turnover Time

The average reprocessing cycle from decontamination to storage takes 4+ hours.* Decentralized processing, low set inventory, large case volume, complicated case mix and emergency cases can lengthen this time.

Reusable systems require multiple heavy, bulky cases and trays. Single-use procedure kits provide everything you need in a single lightweight package, making setup a breeze!

Ready-to-use kits are designed to streamline procedural efficiencies, mobilizing your team to take on more cases with more time for patient care.

Designed to be more accessible than ever, so that pediatric patients around the world can receive the proper treatment they need.