Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing, Butler University, 2001
L&W Engineering 2002-Present
Jayco Inc. 2003-2017
Bulldawg Capital 2013-Present

Jason Bontrager had been a partner in Jayco, Inc. until the company’s acquisition by Thor Industries. The company was founded by his grandfather in 1968 and was wholly-owned by his family until June 2016. Jason is also a partner and director at L&W Engineering, based in Middlebury, Indiana. Working within his family’s business environment he had the opportunity to work in and manage several departments ranging from Marketing, Product Development, Operations, Engineering and Sales. Throughout his time working at Jayco, he found his niche to be finding opportunities and innovation. As a result of this he had an opportunity to mentor in a Private Equity firm and now represents his interests and those of other members of the Bontrager family.