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WishBone Medical Gains Distribution Rights to OsteoCrete®

WARSAW, Ind. AUGUST 15, 2019  WishBone Medical announces a private label distribution agreement with Bone Solutions, Inc. (BSI) for worldwide rights within pediatric orthopedics to license and sell OsteoCrete® — the first FDA (510K) approved magnesium-based bone void filler in the orthopedic marketspace, designed to assist with bone repair and regeneration. Expanding beyond the original application, OsteoCrete® developers are now harnessing the product’s unique properties to create bioresorbable implants to ultimately replace many current metal technologies simultaneously improving patient outcomes.

Affording BSI the North American Bone Graft Technology Leadership of the Year Award in 2009, OsteoCrete® is an injectable, moldable solution to attach ligaments and tendons to bone, and bone-to-bone, with a robust composition that is three times stronger than cancellous bone.1

“This product is the holy grail for pediatric orthopedics as the resorbable properties eliminate the need for secondary operations,” says WishBone Founder and CEO, Nick Deeter. “Kids already harbor a lot of anxieties around the idea of surgery alone. If we can save patients and their families the expense and worries of follow-up procedures, that alone is a big win.”

“For so many years, the orthopedics industry demonstrated a clear demand for osteogenic implants which mimic properties of the human bone. Prior to OsteoCrete®, calcium-based solutions contributed to bone healing, but with little mechanical support,” explains BSI President and CEO, Drew Diaz. “Not only is OsteoCrete® 100% resorbable – it offers excellent bone remodeling during the window of healing with uncompromised strength.”

BSI surpassed 600 cases implanting OsteoCrete® this year with a 100% success rate. Moving forward, the company is focused on further development of bioresorbable implants and will continue exploring innovative applications for this unprecedented orthobiologics technology.

“While patients of all ages and stature benefit from OsteoCrete® advancements, the greatest improvement will be felt by children whose bodies are continually growing and changing,” adds Kevin Blue, WishBone’s Chief Revenue Officer. “Our team could not be more excited to offer such a clearly advantageous solution to better equip the surgeons caring for them.”

1. Bone Solutions’ Report 755635-01 Rev A, “Static Axial Compression Testing of the OsteoCrete System.”

About WishBone Medical

WishBone Medical is a global pediatric orthopedic company, committed to providing anatomically appropriate innovative implants and instruments in sterile packed, single-use disposable kits, to prevent infection, reduce overall costs for our customers and achieve the best outcomes for children around the world who are still growing. Through recent acquisitions, WishBone Medical now offers 42 pediatric orthopedic product systems with operations in Warsaw, IN, Istanbul, Turkey, and Singapore. For further information, visit wishbone-medical-migration.mysites.io or call Kaitlyn Hughes, Director of Marketing & Communications, at 574-306-4006.

About Bone Solutions Incorporated

Bone Solutions Inc. (‘BSI’) is an orthobiologics company with a vision to provide orthopedic surgeons a means to improve clinical outcomes in a number of complex procedures while lowering costs. The company is revolutionizing a new solution for orthopedic surgeons for human uses with their FDA-cleared magnesium-based platform bone void filler. For more information, visit BoneSolutions.net or contact Drew Diaz, BSI President/CEO, by phone 817-809-8850 or email diaz@bonesolutions.net.