WishBone Medical Partners With Clubfoot Solutions to Distribute the Iowa Brace for Pediatric Patients in the U.S.

WishBone Medical, Inc. has entered into a distribution agreement with Clubfoot Solutions, naming WishBone the exclusive pediatric medical device manufacturer to offer the Iowa Brace throughout the United States.

The Iowa Brace maintains the correction that has been achieved via the Ponseti Method and prevents relapse of clubfoot. The late University of Iowa pediatric orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ignacio Ponseti, the creator of the gold standard of clubfoot care, dedicated his life to ensuring all children across the world would have access to the best clubfoot treatment and a quality clubfoot brace, regardless of their economic or social circumstances. In partnership with the Ponseti International Association (PIA), Clubfoot Solutions has developed and distributed 90,000+ Iowa Braces in over 90 countries since 2015.

“It was important for our nonprofit organization to partner with a company that understands our commitment to treating clubfoot worldwide with the Iowa Brace,” says Todd J. Becker, Managing Director, Clubfoot Solutions. “WishBone’s focus on pediatric orthopedic solutions to bone deformities will help expand the Iowa Brace in the US market so we can continue to help affected children in low resource countries. The need for a quality, comfortable and clinically proven clubfoot brace is great around the globe. Our mission at Clubfoot Solutions is to ensure every child in need born with clubfoot deformity has an Iowa Brace during treatment.”

“Coupling the Iowa Brace with our Clubfoot Achilles Tenotomy (CAT) Kit, WishBone now offers a comprehensive solution to address clubfoot deformity,” says Scott Williams, EVP of Marketing, WishBone Medical. “Surgeons efficiently complete a tenotomy in a hospital or ASC setting with our CAT Kit, then equip their small patients with a reliable, comfortable bracing solution as they start their four-year bracing treatment program at home.”

With insights from decades of clinical experience treating children born with clubfoot, the brace was designed by a team of renowned specialists at the University of Iowa, including Dr. Jose Morcuende, pediatric orthopedic surgeon and President of PIA. For them, it was important to set a new wearability standard, as discomfort and skin irritations are two of the most common reasons for discontinued use of bracing among patients. The resulting Iowa brace has a breathable mesh that maximizes ventilation and provides lightweight durability. Its cushioned tongue helps prevent skin irritation on the top of the patient’s feet and eliminates the need for third-party add-ons. The one-of-a-kind contoured AFO insert features a cupped heel counter that stabilizes the foot to both reduce friction and promote proper usage. The Iowa Flexbar and platforms are injection molded from fiber-reinforced nylon and allows the child some degree of freedom to move each foot, enabling them to stretch the muscles and tendons.

About Clubfoot Solutions, Inc.
Clubfoot Solutions, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit Iowa-based organization. The Iowa Brace was developed at the University of Iowa as an extension of Dr. Ponseti’s egalitarian efforts to ensure that children across the world would have access to a quality clubfoot brace, regardless of their economic or social circumstances. The combination of innovation and humanitarian considerations allow the Iowa Brace to be affordable for all families, everywhere. Dr. Ponseti’s legacy lives on through Ponseti International Association and Clubfoot Solutions.

About WishBone Medical
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