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Clubfoot Deformity: Current Concepts, Treatment Principles and Global Implications with Dr. Jose Morcuende

Jose A Morcuende, MD, Ph.D. presents Clubfoot Deformity: Current Concepts, Treatment Principles and Global Implications, a presentation given at a WishBone Medical sponsored dinner for healthcare professionals in the Chicago area.

Jose A. Morcuende, MD, PhD, is a pediatric orthopedic surgeon that specializes in clubfoot, hip disorders, tumors, fractures, and a number of other pediatric orthopedics diagnoses. Dr. Morcuende received his medical education and training from the University Autonoma of Madrid with an additional residency in Orthopedic Surgery here at University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.

His research interests include many of the diseases he treats as well as evidence-based outcomes in orthopedics and global health. He has presented at many national and international meetings, published many peer reviewed papers as well as numerous textbook chapters.

Dr. Morcuende is also involved in a number of professional societies and he is the President of the Ponseti International Association, dedicated to eliminate clubfoot disability worldwide by the development of sustainable national clubfoot programs.

Special thanks to
Jose A Morcuende, MD, PHD, Yvan Northrup & Family, Jim Mercir, Clay Curts, and Clubfoot Solutions

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A STREAMLINED APPROACH TO GUIDED GROWTH | Presented by Dr. Christopher Iobst

This is free, educational event presented by Dr. Christopher Iobst of Nationwide Children’s Hospital. You may register for two different days, August 16th or August 30th.

Topics will include

  • Guided Growth Basics
  • Traditional vs. Streamlined Technique
  • Post Op Management
  • Mitigating Potential Risks
  • Plate Removal
  • Case Examples

Register today using either of the buttons below.

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