Marlin Stutzman, Former U.S. Congressman, Named President of WishBone Medical, Inc.

Warsaw, Indiana, January 31, 2017 — WishBone Medical, Inc., a new pediatric orthopedic company, announced that Marlin Stutzman, a former U.S. Congressman, will be taking on the role as President. WishBone Medical is focused on being an industry leader in the Pediatric Orthopedic market by providing proprietary products through a capital efficient business model.

Stutzman took the office of U.S. Congressman office in November 2010 and quickly emerged as an effective leader for Northeast Indiana. Stutzman was a member of the Budget Committee with Chairman Tom Price, the House Financial Services Committee with Chairman Jeb Henserling, the Dean of Indiana’s Republican delegation in the House, and the founding chairman of the Republican Study Committee’s 2nd Amendment Initiative. Stutzman served the needs of Hoosier families who call Indiana’s Third Congressional District home.

“As a long-time local businessman, as well as a U.S. Congressman for the past 6 years, I am looking forward to helping children and families recover from traumatic events or correct congenital disorders. Today’s technology in the medical field is exciting and moving forward in ways we never imagined. I look forward to working with Wishbone Medical to help families and children enjoy life with the help of WishBone’s products and services,” said Marlin Stutzman, President of WishBone Medical.

WishBone Medical, Inc. was recently founded by Nick A. Deeter. In 2006, Deeter started OrthoPediatrics because he saw an unmet need in the pediatric orthopedic space. Nick felt the standards for treatment in children were unacceptable and that the use of adult medical devices in these children could not continue. These patients needed medical devices that were designed for their smaller anatomy and unique needs. Nick worked with engineers and surgeons to develop products that could meet the needs of growing children.

“This next year I look forward to working with this great team that CEO Nick Deeter has assembled. Building relationships in the industry within the company and with families that need WishBone’s help is what I’ll be focused on as we launch this exciting new company. I come from a large family and my parents were foster parents when I was growing up, we have always had a deep love for children and life. WishBone Medical follows that same passion of helping children get back to good health and back on their feet enjoying life,” commented Stutzman.

CEO Nick Deeter commented, “We are thrilled to have Marlin on the team. His passion and drive for what we are doing and the kids we are committed to helping is unmatched. I truly believe that his experience as a U.S. Congressman will help WishBone Medical take a different approach to this industry. Exciting things to come for sure.”

WishBone Medical is developing new and innovative products that will address the needs of children such as, implants that correct deformities of long bones, sports related injuries, foot and ankle deformities, trauma, spinal and thoracic deformities, biologics, and preventative body armor.

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About WishBone Medical, Inc.

WishBone Medical, Inc. is a privately held pediatric orthopedic company offering anatomically-appropriate innovative implants and instrument solutions to pediatric patients and surgeons worldwide.

For further information, visit or call Allison McSherry, General Manager at 574-306-4006.

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