WishBone Medical, Inc. Releases Broken Screw Removal and K-Wire Systems

Warsaw, Indiana, January 2, 2018 — WishBone Medical, Inc., a new global pediatric orthopedic company, has announced the official launch of the single-use, sterile packed Broken Screw Removal and K-Wire Systems.  The Broken Screw Removal System is available in three different sizes: 2.7mm, 3.5mm and 4.5mm and is designed to remove broken, stripped and cold-welded screws.

The K-Wire Systems are available in five different configurations; Pediatric Elbow Combo Kit  (1.6mm & 2.0mm K-Wires), Pediatric Long Bone Combo Kit (2.0mm & 2.5mm K-Wires), Three Pediatric Extremity Combo Kits; Small (0.7mm & 0.9mm K-Wires), Medium (0.9mm & 1.25mm K-Wires) and Large (1.25mm & 1.6mm K-Wires). Each system includes two different sizes of wires, protective pin covers and instruments.

Nick Deeter, WishBone Medical’s Founder and CEO added, “The Broken Screw Removal and K-Wire Systems both address current issues that Pediatric Surgeons face with their small patients. They need products that are sterile, easy to find, easy to use and designed for pediatric patients. We strongly believe that having these products readily available in sterile packed, single-use kits will be a game changer in the operating room.”

To learn more about WishBone Medical, visit www.wishbone-medical-migration.mysites.io

About WishBone Medical, Inc.

WishBone Medical, a Global pediatric orthopedic company, is committed to providing anatomically appropriate innovative implants and instruments in sterile packed, single use, disposable kits, to prevent infection, reduce overall costs for our customers and achieve the best outcomes for children around the world who are still growing.

For more information, contact Andrew Miclot, Vice Chairman and President, at 574-306-4006 or email CustomerService@wishbonemedical.com

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