The pediatric orthopedic market is large and expanding.

  • The current global market for pediatric orthopedics exceeds $3.2 billion, projected to reach $5.0 billion by the year 2027*.
  • In the United States alone, pediatric orthopedic surgeries are performed in 3,425 traditional hospitals, 268 dedicated children’s hospitals and a rising number in surgery centers.
  • 95% of the orthopedic implants going into children today are not specifically designed for them.* Most often, kids receive an adult implant that is bent, cut and altered to try and make it fit while ignoring the growth plates and possibly causing more harm. Such devices are not actually FDA approved for use in children.
  • There is very little focused competition. Only two other companies focus on this market and the large orthopedic companies ignore pediatrics, focusing on the almost $50 billion adult hip, knee, and spine market.
  • Not only are WishBone products designed to accommodate children’s growing bodies they are also an excellent fit for fully-grown adults.

WishBone Medical knows its customer and listens to their needs, which is crucial to creating product solutions that effectively solve the problem. Our customer, the pediatric orthopedic surgeon, is the best-trained and most experienced doctor to properly diagnose, treat and manage children’s musculoskeletal problems in a child who is still growing. This includes newborn babies through young adults (ages 0-21).