Stutzman Sees WishBone As Good Fit

Dan Spalding, Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 21, 2017 12:35 PM

How did former Congressman Marlin Stutzman end up as the president of a new orthopedic company in Warsaw?

The answer to the question starts with Howe, the small town where Stutzman resides. It’s also the home of Howe Military Academy where Nick Deeter serves on the board of trustees and where one of his sons studied.

Deeter, the founder of several orthopedic companies, and Stutzman became friends in part over their work together at Howe.

The convergence of opportunities began last spring when Stutzman, a three-term 3rd District Republican Congressman, lost in his primary race for U.S. Senate to Todd Young.

Stutzman said he was driving to Washington, D.C., last fall when he got a text from Deeter who alluded to a new company he was launching called WishBone Medical.

“Right away, I kind of knew what he wanted to do because the name of it,” Stutzman said.
“I had other opportunities to look at, but this one here just seemed like the right fit for our family,” Stutzman said. “The cause here – to help children – makes you feel really good about what you do. When you go home at the end of a day and you’re able to help children, it’s a good feeling.”

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