WishBone Medical, Inc. Announces the Addition of Rob Seewald as Corporate Chaplain

Warsaw, Indiana, April 27, 2017 — WishBone Medical, Inc., a new pediatric orthopedic company in Warsaw, IN, announced the appointment of Rob Seewald as their Corporate Chaplain. WishBone Medical is focused on being an industry leader in the Pediatric Orthopedic market by providing proprietary products through a capital efficient business model.

Seewald, an ordained United Methodist pastor of 23 years, will work closely with staff members to deal with difficulties they may be facing in life.

“It’s important to me that we maintain a healthy work/life balance at WishBone. My goal is to provide a safe environment where employees, including the leadership of WishBone, can come and share with me any challenges they may be facing in life. We can then work together to develop a plan that helps them address those issues and get back to living the life they were meant to live,” said Seewald.

Seewald also serves as pastor of Leesburg and Bourbon First United Methodist churches. For the past five years has served as an Associate District Superintendent with the United Methodist Church denomination. For the past sixteen years, he has held leadership positions in the Kosciusko County 4-H program.

CEO Nick Deeter commented, “The role of Corporate Chaplain is vital to our company. WishBone Medical has established a culture and cause around helping children with orthopedic disorders.  I feel that if you are putting metal implants into children, you need a moral compass as part of the decision making process.  Pastor Seewald is in all major meetings and new employee interviews to make sure we stay true to our purpose.”

WishBone Medical, Inc. was recently founded by Nick A. Deeter. In 2006, Deeter started another pediatric company because he saw an unmet need in the pediatric orthopedic space. Deeter felt the standards for treatment in children were unacceptable and that the use of adult medical devices in these children could not continue. These patients needed medical devices that were designed for their smaller anatomy and unique needs. Deeter worked with engineers and surgeons to develop products that could meet the needs of growing children.

Seewald further commented, “My wife and I both love to invest in the lives of people. I look forward to seeing how I can serve the WishBone team and impact the success of this company.”

To learn more about WishBone Medical, visit www.wishbone-medical-migration.mysites.io.

About WishBone Medical, Inc.

WishBone Medical, Inc. is a privately held pediatric orthopedic company offering anatomically-appropriate innovative implants and instrument solutions to pediatric patients and surgeons worldwide.

For further information, visit www.wishbone-medical-migration.mysites.io or call Allison McSherry, General Manager at 574-306-4006.

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